Start Saving On Florida Auto Insurance Today!

Florida auto insurance provides protection against losses which could be the result of an unexpected accident. Florida auto insurance has to be brought for those cars which continue to remain in the state for more than 90 days. It offers a vast range of insurance coverage like basic insurance, comprehensive insurance and collision cover for your automobiles.

The laws and procedures are regulated by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) which handles Florida auto insurance. All the drivers are supposed to register themselves and also the vehicles. And the registered information is maintained by the department database for providing any information regarding these registered vehicles. It keeps close track of every registered driver in Florida regarding their driving record and also their insurance status. The Florida auto insurance company provides every necessary detail relating to registration to the department like date of renewal, failure to renew, claims filed and cancellation of policy.

There are laws relating to Florida car insurance in the state specific to it are:

Financial Responsibility Law: According to this law it expects the owners of the vehicle to pay for the damage caused to another person in a motoring accident. The law specifies the minimum cover to be $10,000 for bodily injury liability per person, $20,000 for two or more victims if they have suffered bodily injury. And last but not least the law expects $10,000 as liability if the property of other persons has been damaged. Similarly, bodily injury cover pays for permanent or serious injury caused to another person who is a policy holder through an accident.

No-Fault Law: This policy is like a boon to drivers as it protects them against losses that could arise from personal damage because of an accident. Florida auto insurance of $10,000 would be required to cover for both property damage liability and personal injury protection.

The laws in Florida relating to drivers and vehicles are fairly strict. If in any case they find the driver with not enough insurance or no insurance at all, the state administration has all the authority to take any legal action like canceling their license for up to three years. In such situations you are left with no choice but opt for Florida car insurance. It allows you to buy the insurance but within the allotted time along with it the SR-22 form also has to be submitted to the administration. Even if the time lapses you still can reinstate your license but for a rock bottom price of just $150. The money is too less compared to the service offered.

Florida is considered the center for the operation of all major US insurance companies. There is a wide choice of insurance coverage like basic, comprehensive or collision cover. Depending on one’s need you can opt for any one of them.